About the Discover Manufacturing Today Video Challenge

Discover Manufacturing Today is a video challenge that offers prize money to the best and most popular student-produced videos highlighting manufacturing careers. The 2014 focus emphasized the countless paths into manufacturing careers as well as the growth opportunities once employed.

Those considering a career choice into manufacturing may select a traditional path of earning a diploma, National Career Readiness Certificate, GED, associate or baccalaureate degree and applying for a position. Others may pursue a work-study, apprenticeship, internship, or other path. The fact is, people join manufacturing companies from all sorts of paths.

After graduation, the learning and growth opportunities continue. Many manufacturers support life-long learning with tuition reimbursement, post-secondary credential attainment, association memberships, and others. A manufacturing career often grows both within a particular function area, say Engineering; but also may grow by jumping from one area to another, say from Engineering to Operations. As individuals grow, they recognize what they enjoy and what they are good at. Manufacturing offers multiple paths to capture these strengths and interests.

Manufacturers realize that students, parents, and others may not understand just how many ways there are to enter manufacturing and once in, the multiple growth opportunities toward a great career. This contest hopes to highlight these countless paths through creative, student-produced videos. High school students from throughout the West Michigan region will be asked to partner with a local manufacturer to gain a better understanding of the manufacturing environment today and discover opportunities for growth and professional development.


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Congratulations to the 2014 Winners!

Top 2 Judges Votes

  • Porthole to the Future - Team Imagine More, Careerline Tech
  • RHS DeWys 1- Team Our Future in Manufacturing, Rockford High School

Contest Montage

  • Discover Manufacturing Today Video Montage - The Geek Group

Top 2 Popular Votes

  • Choices -Team Alohoa, Careerline Tech
  • Manufacturing Misconceptions -The Bugs, Careerline Tech

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